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If there is still any doubt about the unmitigated disaster that was the George W. Bush Administration, watch this dvd:

"Inside Job", a 2010 documentary about the financial crisis by Charles Ferguson:


President George W. Bush appointed Wall Street bankers to lead government agencies which were supposed to regulate the financial markets, with predictably bad results in the financial crisis of late 2008. Many of the same financial executives still have their hands in the government today (2/12) because decades of mismanagement and deception carried out by Wall Street and Washington officials cannot be corrected in a short period of time. The way to fix this problem is called Financial Reform, and it is something this country needs in a big way. American taxpayers have had to pay large amounts of money because of wrongful conduct by financial institutions. People running those financial institutions have been able to fill their pockets with greatly excessive pay and bonuses because of a lack of government regulation. More government regulation is needed in this industry in order to protect taxpayers and the public from the financial criminals.

Financial Reform is not communism or socialism. It is a way to stop extensive criminal conduct by banks, financial institutions and their top executives. The European Union is taking some steps to address these issues.


1993. World Trade Center, New York City, bombed by Ryder Truck bomb in underground parking structure. Identification of bomber was helped when he went to the Ryder Truck office and asked for his security deposit to be refunded, even though the truck had been at the center of the explosion.

Approximately 11/6/00. George W. Bush was elected 43rd President Of The United States over Democratic Party candidate, Vice President Al Gore (George W. Bush appointed by U. S. Supreme Court which stopped recount or which would not allow recount to continue in Florida). Swearing in ceremony approximately January 20, 2001. George W. Bush Vice President: Dick Cheney.

2001. George W. Bush "signature" tax cuts for richest Americans and richest corporations. If you can't or won't balance the budget and pay down the national debt when there is a surplus, then when would you do it? Give tax breaks to the richest people and corporations in order to create jobs and stimulate the economy? I don't think so. This act was setting the stage for the economic crisis which would follow late in the second term of the administration.

It should be noted that George W. Bush was determined to not repeat his father's mistake of trying to pay down the debt and then having only one term as president.

9/11/01. Both World Trade Center tower buildings in New York destroyed by suicide pilots who flew hijacked passenger planes. Four planes hijacked almost simultaneously. Two from American Airlines, two from United Airlines. Two from Boston to Los Angeles, one from Dulles, Washington, D.C. area to Los Angeles, and one from Newark to San Francisco. Two crashed into World Trade Center towers, one into Pentagon, and one crashed 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, apparently on the way to Washington, D.C. Significant disaster, apparently planned in part by Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

Approximately 10/01. U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in response to 9/11/01 terrorist attacks. Objectives: 1. Kill Osama Bin Laden (which was not accomplished at Tora Bora); 2. Destroy Al-Qaeda; 3. Remove Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Approximately 3/03. U.S. went to war against Saddam Hussein in Iraq based on false claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Some sources say the invasion of Iraq was a predetermined conclusion early in the George W. Bush administration.

Summer, 2004. Senator Barack Obama introduced at Democratic National Convention.

Approximately 11/6/04. George W. Bush re-elected President Of The United States over Democratic Party challenger John Kerry. (Re-election of a wartime president).

Approximately 9/08. Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. Meltdown of U.S. financial system under watch of President George W. Bush. Note that the George W. Bush administration was book ended by (approximately began with and ended with) the following significant events: 9/11/01 terror attacks and by U.S. financial meltdown. That shows what it was like to have a president who employed failed policies and failed strategies, and who was surrounded by self interested, conservative foreign policy advocates and right wing business executives such as Dick Cheney and associates, who successfully sought to enrich themselves and their big business friends (examples: Haliburton’s no bid, multi-billion dollar contracts in Iraq war [Vice President Dick Cheney was a former Haliburton executive who was paid many millions of dollars by that company, and who probably continued to receive pay from Haliburton after he became Vice President]; 2001 tax breaks for richest Americans and for the biggest corporations, which eliminated the federal budget surplus which existed under the Bill Clinton administration).

Highlights of George W. Bush Administration. The results speak for themselves:

1. Major terrorist attacks against United States, which happened without intervention by any U. S. intelligence agency (9/11/2001).

2. War against Iraq started based on false intelligence information and announcements about weapons of mass destruction.

3. "Signature tax cuts" for richest Americans and richest corporations, followed by financial disasters.

4. Fall of 2008, before presidential election: Major failures in U.S. financial system, banking system and on Wall Street.

Government spending on infrastructure and on public projects helps create jobs, not tax breaks for rich people and rich corporations. The damage has still not been fixed as of October, 2011.

(November 27, 2011 article about extent of financial crisis):

As of December, 2011, the country is still feeling the effects of the deficits which were created, and budgets which were not balanced, under the George W. Bush Administration.

The George W. Bush Administration and its associates did a lot of damage to this country, and it will take some time to make needed repairs.

Its a close call, but I would say the damage done to the United States by the George W. Bush Administration was worse than what was done by the Richard Nixon Administration. Maybe it seems that way because of which events were more recent.

Approximately 11/5/08. Barack H. Obama elected 44th President Of The United States. Swearing in ceremony approximately January 20, 2009. Barack Obama Vice President: Joe Biden. Defeated Republican candidates John McCain, Sarah Palin.

November 2, 2010 midterm elections: Republicans won control of the House Of Representatives effective in the next term in January, 2011. Democrats retained control of the Senate.

Can the filibuster be repealed by a rule change at the beginning of the next Senate term? Would it be a good idea to do so? Whoever heard of majority rule, and why should such a radical idea apply to the United States Senate?

Leading Republican Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) ["My old Kentucky home"] recently said after the midterm elections that his number one goal should be to defeat President Obama in the next Presidential election. His number one goal. He couldn't think of one single thing that would be a better use of his time. Not what a majority of Americans voted for in the last two national elections. Not jobs, financial reform, home ownership, taxes, education, health care, Medicare, Social Security, renewable energy, oil, defense programs, wars, terrorism, the environment, campaign finance reform or paying the deficit. Just let someone else deal with paying off the national debt while he votes for tax cuts for the richest Americans and corporations, right? Just like dat, Bubbleh?


4/15/13. Boston Marathon bombing on Patriot Day.

4/16/13. List of some bombing attacks in United States:


5/16/13. New Freedom Tower, New York City:


Michael Moore documentaries:
Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004);
Sicko (2007);
Capitalism: A Love Story (2009);
MSNBC; Countdown With Keith Olbermann (11/10)

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