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Gun control and gun violence.

10/1/13. Gun control is not about banning guns. It is about having sensible laws enforced to regulate who can own and carry guns, and the size of ammunition clips which can be owned by the average person.


5/28/13 New Republic article:


6/9/13. Americans For Responsible Solutions to prevent gun violence:


When the Second Amendment to the U. S. Constitution was adopted with the Bill Of Rights on December 15, 1791, you had to reload a gun after firing a single shot from one barrel. The right to bear arms should apply to guns that existed at the time the law went into effect in 1791, but not to semi-automatic weapons and not to high capacity magazines. Those gun features did not exist when the law was created, and there should not be any guarantee of the right to own or possess guns with features which did not exist when the law was enacted.
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Total number of gun deaths per year in USA:

Compare to total number of motor vehicle deaths per year in USA:


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