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End the filibuster

7/11/13. Reform the filibuster:


7/16/13. Senate Filibuster Deal An Embarrassment For Mitch McConnell:


10/30/13. Patrick Leahy: 'Insurmountable' Push For Filibuster Rules Change If GOP Blocks Obama Nominee:


5/28/13. Filibuster reform by rule change in Senate:


5/17/13. Possible rule change to limit filibuster in Senate:


4/17/13. End the filibuster. Senate voted 54 to 46 for background checks on gun sales, but measure failed because it did not have 60 votes to overcome a filibuster:



4/6/13. Senator Harry Reid on filibuster of judicial nominations:


4/6/13. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on filibuster of gun safety laws:


It is outrageous that Senate Republicans Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, James Inhofe, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have formed a filibuster caucus to block a vote on gun safety.

President Obama said it during his State of the Union and it remains true: Victims of gun violence deserve a vote.

I will be on some of the morning shows Monday letting the American people know of these senators’ disappointing behavior. That’s when debate will begin. All of the proposed regulations, including expanding background checks and cracking down on trafficking, are widely and broadly supported. These sensible regulations even poll well among NRA members!

We need to send a strong statement to Senators Paul, Rubio, Inhofe, Cruz and Lee: a filibuster on the gun safety bill is unacceptable. Victims and their families deserve a vote. Join me, now, to make sure they get one.

Tell the Republican senators in the filibuster caucus: Victims of gun violence deserve a vote on these commonsense regulations.

We cannot let the memories of Newtown and Aurora fade. That is what these Republican senators are hoping for: that if they can stall and obfuscate we will forget about the need for action.

But we will not forget. We will keep up the fight. We need to stop the filibuster immediately and start passing reasonable gun safety laws.

(Link disabled) [Click here to] join me in calling on Senators Paul, Rubio, Inhofe, Cruz and Lee to drop their filibuster and give victims and families the vote they deserve.

Thanks so much for your support,

Kirsten Gillibrand, United States Senator

                Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, 1939

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