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Battleground states

September 3, 2011:
2012 presidential election, swing states (there were approximately nine swing states as of September, 2011. Some were added later).

Battleground states or swing states in a presidential election are states where both major political parties, Democrats and Republicans, have the greatest need to win popular votes and electoral votes in order to win the election. It has been said that no Republican presidential candidate has won the White House in recent history without winning Ohio.

The political party of the governor in a state is said to have the advantage in obtaining popular votes and electoral votes in that state because of having his or her campaign team available to the governor's office.

In addition to the Democratic National Committee (, the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ( and the Democratic Governors' Association (, every state and probably most territories have a democratic party organization which can help with the national presidential campaign. The state and territory democratic parties can use your support by making financial contributions and through your time and effort to organize activities, register voters and get out the vote.

Democrats should follow a 50 state strategy, maintaining state campaign programs and voter registration programs in all states and territories at all times, including in off election years. The Republican party playbook includes voter suppression by making it harder for certain disadvantaged groups to register to vote or to cast their votes.

The anti union movement by Republican governors and Republican controlled state legislatures is a calculated attack on Democratic party voter organization. It is a variation of voter suppression.

The presidential election is about how to elect the best person to lead this country. It will not happen by giving tax breaks to the richest people and richest corporations, or by giving insane subsidies to special interest groups.


Obama For America:
Get Involved | Obama for America | 2012


September, 2011:
National Popular Vote campaign to change presidential election system to be based on actual number of popular votes instead of electoral vote system:

Florida, November, 2000. Bush v. Gore. Never again.


Democratic Governors' Association:


Recent prior electoral results with projections for 2012. Not all states listed are battleground states or swing states.

AZ, 11/08, Senator McCain won electoral votes of this state.

Arizona Democratic Party:

Congressman Raul Grijalva of Arizona:

Colorado, Obama, 2008. Kerry did not win in 2004. Obama needs in 2012.

Colorado Democratic Party:

Florida, Obama, 2008. Kerry did not win in 2004. Obama needs in 2012

Florida Democratic Party:

Letter: I
Indiana, 11/08, Obama.

Indiana Democratic Party:

Iowa, Obama, 2008. Kerry did not win in 2004. Obama needs in 2012.

Iowa Democratic Party:


Kentucky Democratic Party:

2011. Mitch McConnell, Republican United States Senator from Kentucky.

Michigan, Obama, 2008.

Michigan Democratic Party:

Minnesota, Obama, 2008.

Minnesota Democratic Party:

2010. Al Franken, Unites States Senator from Minnesota:

Missouri, undecided at press time, 2008.

Missouri Democratic Party:

Montana, 11/08, Senator McCain.

Montana Democratic Party:

Nevada, Obama, 2008. Kerry did not win in 2004. Obama needs in 2012.

Nevada Democratic Party:

North Dakota, 11/08, McCain.

North Dakota Democratic Party: 

New Hampshire, Obama, 2008.

New Hampshire Democratic Party:

New Mexico, Obama, 2008. Kerry did not win in 2004. Obama needs in 2012.

New Mexico Democratic Party:

North Carolina, undecided at press time, 2008.

North Carolina Democratic Party:

Ohio. Essential to Republicans.
Obama, 2008. Kerry did not win in 2004. Obama needs in 2012.

Ohio Democratic Party:

Sherrod Brown, Democratic Senator for Ohio:

2010. John Boehner, Republican,
Ohio 8th District. Speaker Of The House.

Pennsylvania, Obama, 2008. Kerry did not win in 2004. Obama needs in 2012.

Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

South Carolina.
Kerry did not win in 2004 (?). Obama needs in 2012.

South Carolina Democratic Party:

Virginia, Obama, 2008. Kerry did not win in 2004. Obama needs in 2012.

Virginia Democratic Party:

2011. Eric Cantor, Repubican, Virginia 7th District.

Wisconsin, Obama, 2008.

Wisconsin Democratic Party:

2011. Paul Ryan, Republican, Wisconsin first district. Wants to end Medicare.


September 4, 2011. From Huffington Post:
Obama, Democrats Losing Labor Union Support

President Obama and the Democratic party would do (and have done) much more for the average working person than the Republicans ever would.

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